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Mohawk Fine Papers Internship

So I’ve been interning at Mohawk Fine Papers, Inc. for a couple weeks now and I really like it there! Not too much design work but I’ve been working on the Mohawk show and collecting all the entries and they are really amazing to look at (well at least some of them!).

So here is a few entries/observations from the job these past weeks:


18, Tuesday

First day on the job. Had an overview of the Marketing department and all the tasks involved. Did some proof reading for the new Via Swatch book that will be printing during the summer.

20, Thursday

Recieved some more entries for the show. Up to almost three hundred, which isnt a lot for the deadline in a week or so. They said last year they were up to a thousand and the year before that almost 1500. This shows a lot about the economy and where it’s going. Less and less is being printing and people are going to web. Even AIGA this year has posted their 365 annual online rather than printing it and distribuitng it. Such a shame…I love that new printed smell.

So today I had an entry that was really awesome. We received around 45 entities from Raleigh Papers in Australia and one of them came from Red Robyn Design. It is a designer’s coaster set that spells out “R E D” and some accompanying gift tags. There are also Christmas promotion gift tags. The reason I really liked this piece is the color combination and the design. There is great consideration in the arrangement of the design and the colors are green and red and the hues are so bright and they just complement each other so nicely. After seeing this designer I look at their website and the rest of their work is really great as well.


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