Motion Graphics


Envisioning Information


Criminal activity of government informants

The different crimes  spread out so that the x’s fill the chart making it look a lot worse and not just grouping them closer together.

Train Timetable

The second is easier to read because of the different color blocks. It’s not strict information crammed into tiny blocks.


The Japan map is easier to read because of the different colors.  there are also different shapes and sizes of the landmarks to break up information. In the US Army map the contours of the land interfere with the names on the map and that isn’t a problem because of the design of the Japan map.

Medical Chart

The chart on the bottom is easier to read. This falls under the “overly designed” category. It isn’t necessary to have those lines in the background and if it is, subdue them back so they aren’t a prominent part of the cart. You can see how much different the second chart is, easier to read.


I think the black lines hurt the pilot. When reading a list on negative space is hard break up that negative space with the same color of the text becomes even more distracting.

Road Map

The top road map is most successful in readability because of the blocks of negative space it allows for a viewer to understand the roads with more clarity.


The huge five point rule around the surgeons warning so close to the text makes it very difficult to read. Because companies don’t really want to advertise this they make it as hard as possible to read it. The rule shows up on the figure illustrations too with makes it over designed and harder to follow

The second design adds color which separates information so the viewer can understand it better. they also spread out the tracking of the text, allowing more space to flow through the letters, making it more readable.


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