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Bad Data Viz.

News Map is a data viz that I find to be a little overwhelming. In theory its a great idea but I think the execution could be better. When you first click the browser fills type of all different sized, various sizes of blocks of color. On the smaller blocks the type is so small you can’t even read them.

I like how the tree map shows the hierarchy of the news and you have a choice of what country and what type of news to display, but i think the information could be cut down like Ben Fry explains in his article. Sometimes less is more. When you can’t even read some of the articles it may discourage viewer in clicking on them simply because they are less “significant.” Perhaps there are links for different levels of news, a map of the top fifteen stories and a map of the next fifteen so that the map can accommodate the information in a more organized and legible way.


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  1. Ellie K. says:

    Newsmap site was a good find for a “Don’t Do” of data visualization, particularly since it is so close to being very good. Thanks for the tip.

    I hope Newsmap gets spiffed up, as it would be a shame if something so original were not successful. I wish them luck!

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